Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one? - Many in the patriot movement are wanting to know. Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one?

Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one?

I have been watching the feud go on between General Michael Flynn and attorney Lin Wood for weeks now. Lin Wood as usual has been very vocal on what his thoughts are and he believes that the General is part of the illuminati, freemasonry, globalist, cabal, deep state or whichever terminology you want to use for that satanic group of people. Additionally many people think that Lin Wood is a “Wackadoodle”, Q conspiracy theorist nut job and a loon.

I have supported both men during this time after the allegations were made by Lin. This website will continue to post interviews and posts by both individuals and allow our readers to decide who is a great deceiver and who is the truth teller. We are all searching for facts during this age of great deception. But I will ask the same question that many in the patriot movement are wanting to know. Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one? - Many in the patriot movement are wanting to know. Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one?

There are many different angles that we can look at this quarrel from. But let’s use facts to steer us in the right direction to determine who the deep state deceiver more than likely is. Let’s start with the very controversial lawyer Lin Wood. He did have a very impressive career as a defamation attorney and won many big cases. Lin won against such powerhouse companies as CNN and the Washington Post.

He also helped Richard Jewell fight off the media and the FBI after Jewell was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. However ever since November 4th of 2020 he has been extremely vocal about his view on what happened in the election and feels Donald Trump won the election and the Democrats and globalists stole it from him.

Since the election the main-stream propagandist media has attacked him like rabid dogs. Of course we have seen them do this to all conservatives but their attacks were even greater with such people as Lin Wood, General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and other conservative leaders. You can hate and despise Mr. Wood but everyone must admit one thing and that is he is an intelligent man.

In order to win all of those difficult court cases any lawyer has to have brains in order to outwit the other side and to influence the judge and jury with facts. However the main-stream media has tried to display Lin as a fool and insane. But as we all know we have found that the propaganda media is brainless. So remember that as you read on during this article.

Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one?

After November 3rd, 2020 many of the patriot leaders got together to help to try stop the steal of the election. Sidney, the General, Lin, Patrick Byrne and many others led the fight. However we did see misinformation come out from different individuals and groups. That made it difficult to help important lawsuits to continue. The main-stream media would help to spread the misinformation in order to feed their deep state led narrative.

Wood became friends with these other conservative leaders but over the months his relationships with some of those individuals deteriorated. Things reached its peak when Kyle Rittenhouse made accusations against the lawyer on national television on the Tucker Carlson show that at the time made Lin look like he was a deceiver, a thief, and a hypocrite.

Lin Wood did speak on Telegram and did some interviews to tell his side of the story. Many people still believe that Lin did some bad things regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse case. But I will ask you this question. Why wasn’t Lin Wood ever interviewed by Fox News or any large news network after those allegations came out? That question helps let you know everything that you need to know. It would be natural protocol for any news agency to approach the other person who is accused whenever a big story hits. But that never happened. Was young Kyle Rittenhouse used by people around him to make Lin Wood look like a bad person? It certainly appears so.

Ever since the Kyle Rittenhouse and Tucker Carlson interview aired on television, Lin Wood has been involved in many telegram squabbles with other “conservative leaders” such as Georgia Governor candidate Vernon Jones and of course General Michael Flynn. Lin Wood had what appeared to be a very good solid relationship with the General. However some events happened that made Lin question who Flynn really was.

The majority of conservatives looked up to Michael Flynn as the leader of the patriot movement. But now suddenly “nut job” Lin Wood was trying to convey that Flynn was part of the illuminati and a deep state agent. How could this accusation even be close to being true?

First of all a video came out of General Flynn leading a prayer in a church. A prayer seems innocent enough right? Well it turns out that actually it was very controversial. The prayer had been used by an individual named Elizabeth Prophet and it was a new age prayer. You can learn more about the prayer from the Trunews broadcast in which their hosts break down the reasons why it is not a catholic prayer. They also state why it is actually used by those who do not worship the same God as Christians do. Was it just a pure coincidence that Flynn used almost the same exact words during his long prayer as Elizabeth Prophet did?

Some people allowed the controversial prayer to slide and continued to follow the General. However he also said another very outrageous statement that of course upset many people from all faiths. Flynn stated at the San Antonio Reawaken America tour event “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion, One nation under God and one religion under God.”

That is absolutely a very crazy statement for any conservative figure to say. The constitution is important and detrimental in the success of America. Flynn knows better to make a statement such as that one and he knows the freedom of religion that God gave us and not to mention that our great constitution granted us.

Is Lin Wood or General Flynn Deep State? One of them is. Which one?

Another issue Lin Wood and other conservatives have regarding the General is his past. His career included years of serving under the Obama administration and his deep ties to the intelligence community. So the General knows first hand how wars involving PSYOP operations works. The big question that many want to know is he still working for and with the intelligence community in efforts to bring down the MAGA community from the inside?

Furthermore is he trying to use his intelligence skills to try to deceive the Pro-Trump movement to cause havoc and confusion? Not to mention that the General also referred to the controversial Qanon posts as a CIA PSYOP. Lin shared the text that Flynn had sent him in regards to Qanon when he stated that was what Q actually was. That statement got many in the Qanon movement rattled, confused and upset.

So to wrap this all up, in my opinion one of the two men are a member of the deep state. Lin Wood or General Michael Flynn. One man has constantly talked about child trafficking while the other has not. One man made millions for his clients suing deep state companies while the other worked with the Intelligence community. Also one man is on video leading an occult prayer while the other has not. Furthermore one man has said that America should only have one religion while the other has not. I think those statements should help you make an informed decision on who is deep state and who is not. Will the truth come out soon?

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