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Fight Gender Ideology in Schools with THIS Tactic

Trap them in their own talking points. Let me explain how. Thank you to all of you who support my work! If anyone would like to send a gift, please [...]

The Global Cabal Uses ADL to Silence, Extort and Control - Soros Ukraine Vindman Elon J6 and more

Is Elon Musk serious about taking on the ADL? If so he's poking a lot of hornet's nests including the Global Mafia. Support my work? If you can please go [...]

Live Not By Lies - Are You Practicing Ketman Without Knowing It?

I discuss the practice of lying to fit in, sometimes called Ketman. My website is here: please visit! Thank you & God bless. #amazingpolly #social #psychology #totalitarianism #tyranny #integrity [...]

Hang on Tight to What's Real

Now is a time of overwhelming mind games. Are you feeling the pressure? I talk about hanging on to what is real and remaining strong under psychological duress. Can you [...]

Public Health Brags About Using Social Media to Manipulate You

An expert on the “Intersection of Social Media and Public Health” gave a seminar in 2018 exposing the way she and her colleagues use social media to manipulate people into [...]

Survey Says! These are Your Definitions of 'Woke'

I read and comment on your answers to my question “Can you define ‘woke’ in two paragraphs or less?” Thank you for the many hundreds of thought provoking replies! To [...]

Can you Define 'Woke' in a Couple of Sentences (Without Getting Emotional?)

Try to describe what ‘woke’ is to people who will reject emotional language and who don’t know anything about history and philosophers like Marx. Keep it short. To support this [...]

Sounds Like the End of Freedom - 3 Globalist Traps

They’re building a system that will make slaves of us all. I go over 3 topics that demand attention. To support this channel & see the videos mentioned today: [...]

My Take on the Sound of Freedom Production

What’s my take on the Sound of Freedom movie? Polly St. George web site for more or to support: (thank you!) In this off-the-cuff audio I summarize just some [...]

Generations in Mourning

How is the New (ab)Normal impacting the different generations? What will the newest generation grow up to be if they never know freedom and are stewed in lies? Can you [...]

Shh! Noise Is Harmful

On Noise. I review my “Thought Experiment” comments, play clips about the health effects of noise and of course, add in my perspective. My website is here: Please Visit? [...]

Bespoke Spiritual Attacks

Visit my web site: ............... I had a thought about narcissism & the devil. BONUS: a great sermon about the 7 Principles of Spiritual Warfare by Fr. Mark Goring. [...]

Thought Experiment

Short reading followed by my commentary – but be warned! I’m making a point with this “thought experiment.” Let me know in the comments how listening made you feel and [...]

Time Traveling Spiritual Warfare

My web site: THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Today I talk about the attacks we are under from the perspective of spiritual warfare. I also rant a little about [...]

Amazon Employees Have The Power to Strike You Dead

A man had his smart-home shut down by Amazon without any warning or investigation. This episode is about the dangers of subscription services in the Great Reset world. To support [...]



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