American History

It's time to take our country back

So many people think they know American history, but most only know of events that happened over the past twenty years. This great nation was started in the late 1700s for many reasons. Our founding fathers were composed of many intelligent men and they dictated key principles into the Constitution that were highly needed then and even more so in today’s era. They amazingly thought ahead into the future as they wrote the world changing document. America has been involved in many wars since our Independence was declared, that have taken many heroic lives. But freedom always prevailed. We all need to gain knowledge of the past to pass down to future generations our history’s good and bad events, so they can learn to keep the heartbeat of the Republic alive.

America’s True Heroes

The great warriors of our beloved military have kept this nation alive and none of us should ever forget that.

The Constitution

On September 17, 1787 at the Philadelphia Convention the single most important document of American history ever designed was signed. This date and document changed the world forever.

Political Figures

It all started with George Washington crossing the Delaware River and many more colorful presidents and American Icons have followed over time. We are now in the age of witnessing one of the most important politicians in the history of this country. Can Donald Trump pull us away from the mistakes that have occurred in the past over and over again?


Too many heart wrenching wars to count. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and on to the two World Wars our great fighters helped fight for our cause.

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