Arizona 2020 Election Fraud

Arizona 2020 Election Fraud

Representative Mark Finchem & Senator Sonny Borrelli: Response to Verity Vote Arizona Election Fraud Report (VIDEO)/ 5/26/22

Arizona Election Fraud Update. Don’t Listen to the Fake News. Things are Happening! (VIDEO) 5/25/22 BIG ARIZONA FRAUD UPDATE: Law Enforcement Raids Nonprofits In ‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Trafficking Investigation – “Like Tweety Birds, They Sang” 5/21/22

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich releases Review of his Investigation of the 2020 Election & the “Conspiracy” Theorists were Right Again 4/6/22

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann now says that the Legislature can not Decertify the 2020 Election 2/24/22

Three MAJOR Developments in Arizona regarding the 2020 Election 2/8/22

Interview with Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem: Update on Election Fraud & what is Currently happening to Fix it (VIDEO) 1/26/22

Arizona State Senator Karen Fann gives Update on Maricopa County Election Router Audit (VIDEO) 1/21/22 AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Reads Whistleblower’s Email Dated 11/10/2020 Disclosing Plot By Dems To “Embed” Thousands of Fraudulent Votes Into Pima County’s Election 12/14/21 AUDIO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Election Integrity Investigators Interrogate Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes 11/19/21

Maricopa County is finally forced to Admit that they Deleted Election Files 10/7/21

(VIDEO) Arizona Audit Volunteers Reveal Findings – DISTURBING Elections Irregularities Discovered 9/30/21

Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend files a 1487 complaint to the AG office asking for an Investigation regarding the Audit Report 9/28/21

Patrick Byrne and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer discuss the results of the Maricopa, Arizona Election Audit Report (VIDEO) 9/24/21

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Caught in Leaked Recording: The Maricopa County Voting Machine Company Audit and Recount – “Was Pretty BULLSH*T By The Way” (AUDIO) 9/20/21

Arizona report results to be released next Friday September 24th 9/16/21

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers lights up Twitter after canvass on election fraud is confirmed 9/8/21

Bannons War Room: Maricopa, Arizona Canvassing Uncovers Major Voting Discrepancies 9/8/21

BREAKING: Patrick Byrne – AZ GOP Politicians Attempting To Manipulate Audit Results (VIDEO) 8/29/21

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich notifies Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that county will lose funding if they don’t comply to subpoenas 8/26/21 OANN: AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives Arizona Audit Update after Yesterday’s News – “I Hope That The Attorney General Delivers” (VIDEO) 8/24/21

Maricopa County Responds To Attorney General’s Office – Requests “No Further Action” Be Taken 8/19/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) AZ Leaders Expose How Election Was Stolen In Their State 8/12/21

Arizona AG Opens Investigation Into Maricopa County Over Refusal to Comply With Audit 8/10/21

AZ Sen Leader Gives Audit Subpoena Timetable, Predicts AG Will Hammer Maricopa County Election Officials 8/6/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) AZ Senate Responds With Fire To Maricopa County Refusing To Comply With Subpoenas 8/3/21

The John Fredericks Radio Network: (VIDEO) Christine Bauserman Gives AZ Audit Update 7/29/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) Mark Finchem Issues Warning To DOJ Threatening To Punish Audits 7/29/21

Karen Fann just issued subpoenas for Dominion and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors regarding the audit of the Election 7/26/21

Bannons War Room: Finchem: We’ve Got Enough To Show Criminal Obstruction (ARIZONA AUDIT) 7/15/21 BREAKING: Arizona Senator Calls For Recalling Electors After Bombshell Audit Hearing 7/15/21

Cyber Ninjas Reportedly Followed Jovan Pulitzer Method in Arizona Audit and Democrats Are Terrified 7/12/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) BREAKING: Security Breach In AZ Hidden From The Public 7/5/21

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo Knows What Is Coming – BEGS Senate To End Audit 7/2/21

Maricopa County Auditor Bob Hughes Shares How They Are Using High Tech Forensic Digital Cameras and OCR to Validate Ballots 6/28/21

AZ Audit Counts Will NOT Be Released Today – Auditors TRIPLE Check Evidence – Coliseum to Be Cleared by Wednesday 6/28/21

AZ Senator Karen Fann Tells Reporters She Will NOT Be Releasing Audit Counts on Monday 6/27/21

HISTORY MADE AS FINAL ARIZONA BALLOT INSPECTIONS COMPLETED – Huge Preliminary Report Expected Monday When True Number of Ballot Totals Announced 6/25/21

A Recap in the Last Days of the Arizona Audit: Mainstream Media Meddling and ‘Blue Pen Jen’ 6/24/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) Nuclear Explosion Of Evidence In Arizona Is Coming Out 6/23/21

(VIDEO) Katie Hobbs shows panic in interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper 6/22/21

(VIDEO) Ken Bennett Az Audit Update June 20 – 21 6/21/21

Ken Bennett -Says 200,000 Ballots are NOT Missing – Report Ready by August or possibly Labor Day? 6/19/21

International Auditor: Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected for 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign There Are Numerous Issues to Inventory and Report 6/18/21

(VIDEO) Col. Phil Waldron and Russ Ramsland on the AZ audit & new audits in multiple states 6/18/21

Maricopa Arizona Audit Tweets: Predicts finish date of paper examination will be June 26 THIS WAS TWEETED: 6/16/21

ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: Handcount Is COMPLETED – Paper Ballot Examination Continues – 100 THOUSAND Ballots Inspected per Day 6/16/21

Nick Moseder: (VIDEO) DOJ Preparing To STOP AZ Audit After “Voter Intimidation” Complaints! 6/13/21


ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: Via Rep. Mark Finchem: SIX States Have Visited The Audit – “ALL States NEED To Come Here” 6/9/21

THREE DIFFERENT STATES Tour the Arizona Audit Floor- MORE Are Expected EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! (VIDEO) 6/8/21

Ballots Will be Fully Counted in Arizona on June 14th – On Trump’s Birthday and Flag Day 6/7/21

ARIZONA AUDIT: Third Shift Counts Ballots ALL NIGHT As The Hand Count Begins To Wind Down — Latest Numbers 6/6/21


ARIZONA AUDIT announces 50% of Maricopa County Ballots Have Now Been Counted – 3rd Shift Starts TOMORROW!! 5/31/21

HUGE MILESTONE: AZ Audit Officials Announce ONE MILLION Ballots Hand Counted and Analyzed! 5/30/21

Maricopa Arizona Audit Twitter post 5/29/21

The Gateway Pundit: AZ AUDIT: “They’re trying to prevent us from doing the audit” – Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen 5/27/21

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: “We haven’t received ANYTHING from them – MCBOS Refuses to Cooperate and Answer AZ Senate” 5/26/21

Fake News Obscuring Truth About Deleted Evidence – AZ Audit Continues! RPN Ep. 2 for 05/24/21

Maricopa Arizona Audit on Twitter: Audit started up again this morning & running smoothly! 5/24/21

HUGE! Maricopa County Audit Team Admit Files Were Deleted but THEY WERE ABLE TO RECOVER THOSE FILES (VIDEO) 5/19/21

Maricopa Board Refuses To Comply With Subpoena, Admits 'Election Mishaps' In Arizona 5/18/21

One America News Network: Arizona audit reaches duplicate ballots 5/13/21


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