Pennsylvania 2020 Election Fraud

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Court Rules that Mail-in Voting is Unconstitutional 1/28/22 Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Dominion, and Democrat Senators Beg PA Supreme Court to Stop Investigation of Fulton County Voting Machines 1/19/22

Bannons War Room: Jake Corman gives Update on Pennsylvania Audit of 2020 Election (VIDEO) 1/12/22 New Videos Capture Pennsylvania Officials Hiding Evidence Of Alleged Election Fraud 12/21/21

Uh-oh! Pennsylvania Whistleblower comes out with Video Evidence of Destruction of Election data and Equipment! (VIDEO) 11/18/21

Bannons War Room: A Full list of Subpoenas coming out Wednesday in Pennsylvania regarding the 2020 Election (VIDEO) 9/14/21

Rudy Giuliani talks to Bannons War Room about PA subpoenas regarding election fraud. 9/10/21

Bannons War Room: (VIDEO) Senator Mastriano Gives Stunning Update On PA Subpoenas 8/20/21

Pennsylvania Counties Tioga and Philadelphia Decline Participation in Senate Committee’s Forensic Election Audit 7/30/21

Penn State Senator Doug Mastriano Responds to Democrat Gov. Wolf and State Leaders Attempting to Prevent Forensic Audit 7/12/21

PENNSYLVANIA AUDIT ALERT! Op-Ed: Why I am initiating a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and 2021 Primary 7/7/21

UPDATE: Pennsylvania Poised for Arizona-Style Ballot Audit – State Committee Chairman Considers Subpoenas for Ballot Audit 6/20/21

Bannons War Room: Subpoenas Are Being Prepared In Vital State For Another Audit 6/18/21

The Same Suspicious SQL Software Discovered in Michigan Dominion Voting Machines Was Just Found in Pennsylvania Dominion Voting Machines 6/13/21

War Room Breaking News: Georgia GOP Leaders Including Vernon Jones to Tour AZ Audit Next Week (VIDEO) 6/3/21

HAPPENING NOW: Pennsylvania Legislative Delegation Sits Down with Arizona Lawmakers to Discuss Election Integrity And Replicating the Audit 6/2/21

OAN Reporter Christina Bobb Reports Pennsylvania Sent Delegation to AZ Today — PA State Legislators Will Get On-the-Scene Tour Wednesday of Audit Facility! (VIDEO) 6/1/21

Dominion ‘Errors’ In Yet ANOTHER County 5/26/21

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