The world was shocked in the morning of November 4th, 2020. Most Americans had gone to bed thinking that Donald Trump had easily won re-election. But while they were sleeping huge amounts of fraud took place domestically and Internationally. In early January many Americans became aware of the allegations made by Maria Zack from Nations in Action. She accused Italy of playing a major role in switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. She stated that Italian defense contractor Leonardo spa, Barack Obama and many other “elites” around the world had rigged the election using satellites from space and the act had taken place in the Italian embassy. The main stream media clean up crew immediately took action to bury the story from the American public. Here are links to many news articles from around the world on the scandal that is still currently being investigated.


Maria Zack interview: Italygate, 2020 Election, the Shadow Government, Kansas Senate Testimony & More (VIDEO) 4/30/22

Maria Zack: Mike Pompeo and General Flynn ignored Italygate Evidence (VIDEO) 4/6/22

Michele Swinick interviews Maria Zack: Kansas Senate Testimony, 2020 Election Fraud, Italygate & More! (VIDEO) 3/25/22

Maria Zack & Philippe Argillier: Pandora Intel Databanks (VIDEO) 3/21/22

Maria Zack's Earth Shattering Testimony - Kansas Senate Hearing 3/15/22

Caroline Gaillaguet interviews Nations in Action’s Maria Zack & discuss Italygate, Election Fraud and More! 2/10/22

Nations in Actions Maria Zack talks about the Shadow Government and Italygate (VIDEO) 1/27/22

Lt. Scott Bennett interviews Maria Zack (VIDEO) 1/20/22

Maria Zack interview about Italygate, Shadow Government and more (VIDEO) 1/13/22

ITALYGATE investigator Maria Zack says that the White Hats are making Deep State illegal activity Public! (VIDEO) 10/10/21

Stew Peters Show: (VIDEO) Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Global Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire 10/11/21

Doug Billings interviews ITALYGATE investigator Maria Zack and General Mcinerney about the Shadow Government 9/30/21

Doug Billings interviews Maria Zack about the ITALYGATE scandal & the fight against the Deep State (VIDEO) 9/23/21

Dr. Meri Crouley interviews ITALYGATE whistleblower Maria Zack 9/16/21

Redpill78 interviews Maria Zack about updates about ITALYGATE (VIDEO) 9/13/21

A_Warrior_Calls: Interview with Maria Zack and she says that we have it all! 9/6/21 (VIDEO)

Nations in Action and Italygate investigator Maria Zack makes a Big Public Announcement Today 9/1/21

ITALYGATE investigator Maria Zack speaks at BARDSFEST in Missouri 8/28/21 (VIDEO)

Americans for Intelligence Reform: (VIDEO) US Presidential Election & ItalyGate 7/29/21

Sidney Powell posts on Telegram about Leonardo spa & #ITALYGATE again 7/10/21

Hunter Biden’s ties with Italy: how the axis between the Italian and the US deep state conceived Spygate and Italygate 7/1/21

6/22/21 Doug Billings interviews General Mcinerney & Maria Zack of #ITALYGATE

(VIDEO) Doug Billings Interviews Maria Zack on ITALYGATE 6/14/21


Lt. Gen McInerney & Maria Zack Breaking News On The Election Fraud 6/9/21

Emails Reveal That The DOJ REFUSED To Investigate “Italygate” 6/7/21

Stew Peters Show: BREAKING! Source: Intel Confirms Theft of Election and Spygate Carried Out by Same Personnel 5/26/21

Doug Billings interview with Maria Zack of ITALYGATE May 26, 2021

(AUDIO) Interview of Nations in Action Founder Maria Zack & ITALYGATE

(VIDEO) Breaking news from Maria Zack and General Tom Mcinerney 5/5/21

(VIDEO) Interview with Maria Zack of Nations in Action about ITALYGATE 4/23/21

(VIDEO) Part 2 of 4 with Lin Wood & Maria Zack and Ann Vandersteel

Milan Rendition, SpyGate And ItalyGate – The Timeline

Globalism Created the Covid Terrorist Operation to Trigger Great Reset: Italygate Still the Scandal that Can Foil the NWO Plans

LinkedIn Profile Seems To Confirm Allegations Made In ItalyGate

Mainstream Media “Fact-Checkers” Refuse To Update Articles To Include State Dept. Stonewalling On ItalyGate

Alleged ItalyGate Hacker, An IT Professional Of 15 Years, Arrested For Hack That Lacked “Sophistication,” Raising Questions About Legitimacy Of Charges

Major Data Point Maria Zack Received In Her Investigation Into ItalyGate Was On Former CIA Director Gina Haspel

Maria Zack: A Lot Of People Want To Rip The Band-Aid Off Of ItalyGate State Department Says Estimated Date Of Completion For FOIA Request For Alleged ItalyGate Election Hacker Is September – 2022

Italian Military Plane Landed At Andrews Air Force Base On January 11, Partially Confirming Intelligence Received By ItalyGate Investigator Maria Zack

WHAS11: US Army Night Airborne Operation Italy – I accidentally came across this video. Why are we paratrooping into italy? I find the dates with everything interesting also.

Italy’s Prime Minister Conte Resigns Amid Struggle Against Covid-19 and Recession

NEW JANUARY 16 VIDEO Maria Zack: Patriots In Italy Are Working To Expose ItalyGate

ITALY STOLE U.S. ELECTION – Here’s why they did it…

Maria Zack With An Update On ItalyGate


NEW Maria Zack #ITALYDIDIT Video filmed January 11, 2021

Links to the Obama and Italy 2020 Election rigging Scandal – Maria Zack

Obama and Italy rigged the election – Maria Zack phone call #ITALYDIDIT

Italygate: is the Italian government directly involved in the US election fraud against Trump?

Obama and Italy worked together to rig the 2020 election? Is this true?!

WOW!! Flynn tweeted this earlier. Obama and Italy were in on the Rigging of the Election!! Here It Is: Italy And Obama’s Orchestration Of Election Rig, Cash Sent In 2017

CodemonkeyZ tweeted this tonight about a phone call describing how Obama and Italy was in on the rigging.

Doug’s Interview with Maria Zach. March 29, 2021

Maria Zack LIVE on “Ark Midnight” with John B Wells 11pm, EST, 1.30.21

AmericaCanWeTalk: Maria Zack | ACWT Interview 1.21.21

Nations In Action: Maria Zack Update 01-12-2021 Nations In Action

AmericaCanWeTalk: Maria Zack | ACWT Interview 1.21.21

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