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In early 2017 millions of Americans were shocked to learn that their president could possibly be guilty of treason. The media covered Trump-Russian collusion 24/7. A Robert Mueller team was created to search and discover proof to show that the president had indeed worked with Putin and the Russians to rig the 2016 election. In March of 2019 the investigation ended and it concluded that they could not find evidence to support that conspiracy theory.

Many of Americans don’t realize what really happened during that 2016 election because of the fake Main Stream Media’s biased coverage of the news. There may be a president guilty of treason but it is not who many Americans may think it is. The Barack Obama administration could very well be guilty of treason and the media has barely even touched the subject matter.

The main stream media is primarily owned by just a handful of corporations and all of these individuals are basically radical left wing activists. They are doing whatever they can to hide what is currently going on.

The senate is currently calling in individuals from the administration to look at the unmasking done on the 2016 Trump  campaign and who specifically ordered and carried out the unmasking efforts. At the same time Judge Sullivan and the democrats are doing whatever they can do delay the freedom of General Flynn. The Department of Justice had announced that they dropped their charges against the general.

But the Clinton appointee refuses to grant him his freedom. Furthermore, there are reasons for that. Once Flynn’s gag order has been released he can talk about ANYTHING and there is a great chance that he knows and additionally will tell all about what he knows what the previous Obama administration had done illegally.

The Obama administration, Main stream media, and big tech companies such as twitter and youtube are all working together to hide information from the public pertaining to this case. Censorship is happening all over the place due to the attempted cover up by the liberals of major corporations who have much to lose if the truth ever is known by the public.

Federal prosecutor John Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr in May of 2019 to find out information and evidence in regards to Obamagate. Of course it has been a long investigation and indictments are assumed to come out once he announces that his research is complete. So if you sense that there may be a sense of panic in Washington D.C. there is a reason why.

Research is highly encouraged on this subject matter by each individual world wide. Do not depend on main stream media. It has been proven over and over that they purposely do not cover certain events if it does not help their liberal narrative.

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