The Beginning of the New World Order

How Technology has Changed the World too Fast

  People put a lot of trust in the government. Many people like Big government and allow them too much control and influence on us. Some are worried that the “Elite” of the world is using the fake climate change crisis and other conspiracies to form the beginning of the New World Order. The final goal: to make the citizens of this great planet slaves to the elite? Or are we already slaves to the elite? When one brings up these interesting points, they are immediately struck down as being crazy, or paranoid, or being a fool. But if you stop and look around, think about it, the world is so very far different than when we were kids.

  Families now have both parents working to help make the mortgage. For centuries, this was never the case. Man went out and plowed the fields to later harvest the goods that he had planted and then brought the product home for his family to devour. Women stayed at home and raised their children while the men were gone. They did indeed work hard, but they did not make an income as the father did. This scenario changed starting during the second world war due to many young fathers being overseas. But we really saw the idea of two incomes in one family pick up during the late 70s and early 80s. Was this done purposely?

  What eventually happened when both parents went out to work was there was less time spent directing attention to their children. In most cases this was far from being the intention. But we all have to be honest. Less time is spent with one’s children now than when our parents took care of us when we were kids. Due to this, a child is more influenced to other people, ideas and situations than to their own parents. They spend more time texting and on video games than they do on outdoor activities and socializing face to face with another live person. Many times, with both parents not being home, it has helped to start the breakdown of the family. Was the break down of the family the intention of the government?

New World Order Dollar

  Technology has advanced at a rapid pace. The world has never seen such an advance in intelligence in its entire lifetime. The beginning of this technology can be argued started in the early 1900s with the invention of the automobile and electricity. Both inventions have led to the great technologies of today. The greater discoveries and inventions really picked up after World War 2. The TV set, airplane travel, computers, and other machinery all started growing at this time and continue to develop today exponentially. How did we get this advancement in such a short period of time? Yes, there are many super intelligent and innovative humans who kept experimenting to help cure diseases and to help the computer era. But it also seems very odd that in the first 1,970 or so years after the death of Christ that humans never came up with these great ideas, but in 40 years we have accumulated all of these great discoveries. Did man and woman get some of this technology from other beings? Did the government work on these projects with this information and slowly leak this advancement to the public over time purposely?

  Politics is not the same as it was during the innocence of adults and children during the booming days of the 1950s or even in the early 60s of the Kennedy administration. Politicians some how become very rich in just a short period of time as they serve their terms in office. Partisanship has become all to common. Very few people are in the middle. A person is either on the “Left” or on the ”Right” side of the political spectrum. Republicans and Democrats both seem to not being on the side of the middle class but instead are on the side of fulfilling their own goals. Each day is like a war. Name calling is an every day occurrence. Democrats call everyone a racist. Even if they are in their own party, they will use the racism card. This happens in almost each case when they lose an argument. The state of politics has become very sad. Is this done purposely to cause riots between different races? Do they purposely want to have latinos and blacks fighting against whites? Is it done purposely to have Atheists and Muslims fighting against Christians?

  The school systems have changed drastically. The Christian faith has been kicked out of educational institutions. A kid is chastised if they are religious. Teachers and professors now profess their own political ideology to students freely during lectures. This should not be the case. Yes, they are there to help teach and help shape a child’s perspective on the world. But it is also up to the child to make up their own minds on worldly events. People are granted the right of not only to freedom of speech, but to also the right of freedom of thought. There has been a break down in the education system due to the brainwashing of the youth. People are afraid to be shunned or embarrassed by “snobs” and the elite if they do not respond to an event with political correctness. The school shootings never occurred until this strategy was implemented by the leaders of the liberal education movement. Should they take responsibility of what has happened due to the shootings? They are at the very least part of the problems. This problem did NOT occur before the 1980s. The fact is it NEVER happened until the liberals took over the schools. Was the brainwashing of the youth done purposely?


  The idea of socialism is pushed on us on a daily basis by the mainstream media. Groups such as Antifa harass the working class on the streets. They wear masks to help hide their cowardice faces. If someone was so positive that they are right in their ideas, wouldn’t one show their face without being ashamed for what they fight for? Why is this organization not classified as a terrorist organization but the KKK is. Shouldn’t both be classified as hate groups. Antifa is protected by liberals and are rarely spoken about by the main stream media. Candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are seen by teenagers as a great hope due to their socialist ideas that were brainwashed into their heads. Socialism not only has never worked, but also has eventually made citizens into slaves to the system. People are miserable under the system that serves the elite. It is not even fiscally feasible. The nation’s economic system would crash days after the election. The stock market would immediately crash due to the fact of higher taxes and the uncertainty by companies on what was to happen next. Was the breakdown of our economic and social systems done purposely?

  Technology has grasped the attention of nearly everyone. In particular it has captured the youth of our nation hostage. Teenagers and even adults walk around cities like zombies. They cause car accidents in their wake as they can’t keep their eyes off of their I Phones. Children bully other kids on social networks because it is much easier to do this behind a keyboard or phone. Suicides have risen due to this. If an adult takes a phone away from their kid, the child does not know how to react. They are purely lost. A tantrum is thrown. Name calling and a lack of respect towards their parents is then initiated. The breakdown of morals has gone up drastically. Now it is openly discussed by the media, world leaders, and technology giants that brain chips will start to be inserted into one’s brain and connected to an internet network. They say this will help with a person’s intelligence. But does one fear of giving the government the ability to read one’s thoughts? You say this is impossible? Well, for one, the government has openly admitted of having the MK Ultra program during the 70s and 80s. Have they stopped this program? I doubt it. The idea was to brainwash a weak person or to even control one’s behavior. Was the advancement of technology to control a person done purposely by our government and world leaders?

  Then we have the good ole United Nations and European Union. They say they exist to help support the idea of peace between nations. Yet wars between countries happen constantly. Terrorists carry out knifing, shootings and bombings all over the world. The UN has stated of having the idea of only having one religion worldwide. I thought the freedom of choosing whichever religion was a given right? Why should only a few people decide on what we are to believe in? Who the hell do they think they are? They also are determined to have one world leader to help lead the people of this planet. They act like they are doing this for moral reasons and to help keep peace throughout the world. They have told nations to accept immigration. It does not matter if it is legal or not in that country. Immigration has virtually destroyed the cultures in Europe. Illegal immigration in the United States is on the verge of starting a civil war here. The UN wants chaos and the breakdown of societies to help reach their goal of world dominance. Doesn’t the idea of the citizens to stop eating beef and not allowed to use travel in airplanes anymore very strange? The elite continue to push the whole climate change idea constantly. They say it is a proven fact. But yet when asked to show facts, they conveniently change the subject and say it is a fact that 97% of scientists support the idea. NO factual evidence has ever been shown to the public. Do they know what the temperature on April 15, 1385 in the Netherlands was? No. No such records existed. Climate change has occurred constantly over the lifetime of this planet. It can not be controlled. They say money will help solve the problem? HOW? It can help somewhat, but not on a major scale.

Elites and New World Order

  And then there is the strange conspiracy of the free masons and illuminati secret societies. If spoken about, people laugh at you and say you are a nut job. But there are facts about these societies that they did exist in our past. There was even an anti free masonry party during the late 1700s and early 1800s that many well-known politicians were in. Google it. That fact is not hidden. The question is, does it still exist today? Do the world leaders and big bankers belong to these societies? Many conspiracy theorists argue that they do. And all of that events that are occurring today do help support the goals of those two groups. The whole Christian belief is also being thrown around today. Christianity is being shunned by the democrat party, main stream media, hate groups such as Antifa, LGQBT, and many world leaders. Islam is however never criticized by those same groups. It does not add up. Some of these groups do have a history with fighting with Christians. So, there is at least reasoning behind it. But most of these groups have no reason to be so anti-christian. The Christians believe that the end of the world is near and there will be one world leader that leads. Then Jesus Christ will return.

  Even if you do not believe in the Christian faith. A person must admit that there are many strange coincidences that tie in with the Christian belief if studied. I’m not saying Christianity is correct. I’m not saying the New World Order theory is correct. But too many strange events are happening today. If you say that sex changes, more than two genders, having an abortion 9 months into carrying a fetus, and people going around calling others constantly racist, fascists, or nazis whenever they want is normal. I beg to differ. All of that is not normal. We need to wake up and correct these obvious problems. There are many ideas to do this. But that will have to be discussed in another article due to the length of the subject. We better wake up soon. Technology is sadly taking over the world and people’s minds literally. It is time to act now. The time to confront world leaders can not be pushed to the side any longer.

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