Covid Scandal

Covid Scandal - Our main stream media "news" have deliberately not shown us many geopolitical events. Have you seen any of these clips?

The purpose of the Deep State Crime Scene pages are to highlight what numerous politicians and also other “elitists” have said in the past. This is them doing these acts. It is undisputable evidence. Deep State Crime Scene was designed as if these videos and articles were to be presented in a court of law. Please show this information to your liberal friends or additionally others who are clueless to what is truly happening.

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden gets Covid after saying: “You won’t get Covid if you have these Vaccinations”

Former CDC Director confirms America paid for “gain-of-function research” through the NIH and DoD

Senator Ron Johnson on Covid-19: “This was all pre-planned by an elite group of people… Event 201” – August, 2023

You are Fing Kidding me! Dr. Fauci Cries during Joe Biden Inauguration

Rep. Jim Jordan rips Dr. Fauci for deceiving the American people about the origins of COVID

Ronald McDonald house evicts boy with Leukemia because he is not Vaccinated – 2022

FBI director Chris Wray says COVID pandemic ‘most likely’ originated from Chinese lab

WTF? Chinese Lab with Mice Bioengineered to Incubate COVID found in City of Reedley, California – July, 2023

Dr. Fauci goes Door to Door trying to sell the Vaccine. It does not go well!

Former DNI John Ratcliffe & Rep. James Comer on Fauci Covering Up COVID Lab Leak Hypothesis

Fauci jokes that he and Bill Gates are removing the 5G chips from the COVID boosters. – 2022

NFL Hall of Famer & Covid jabbed Deion Sanders underwent surgery for blood clots in both legs – June, 2023

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