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- Carlos Garcia
Rep. Jamaal Bowman blames his staff for sending out talking points calling Republicans 'Nazi members' without his consent
- Alex Nitzberg
Trump campaign reportedly leaves birdcage, bird food outside Nikki Haley's hotel room
- Dave Urbanski
Vehicle stolen in armed carjacking crashes into tree, bursts into flames, kills all 4 teens inside; 2 were cousins who aunt says were picked up, likely didn't know about crime
- Candace Hathaway
Chicago leaders debate city's 'sanctuary' status amid growing migrant crisis — weigh pushing decision to voters
- Helen Roy
Commentary: The inevitable sameness of dating app profiles
- BlazeTV Staff
11 plans global elites have for YOUR FUTURE
- Candace Hathaway
Bill Clinton says New York City's 'right-to-shelter' law needs to change due to overwhelming migrant crisis: 'It's broken'
- Steve Baker
Commentary: My January 6 legal saga
- Candace Hathaway
41% of French support lifetime limit of 4 flights per person to combat climate change: Survey
- BlazeTV Staff
95-year-old war veteran KICKED OUT of nursing home to make room for illegal immigrants
- Joseph MacKinnon
'When the nightmare begins': FBI joins the search for 9-year-old feared to have been abducted while camping in upstate New York
- Chris Enloe
Rep. Jamaal Bowman's office literally accuses GOP of harboring 'Nazi members' to distract from fire alarm scandal
- BlazeTV Staff
WATCH: Elon Musk just went to the border and FILMED the chaos for all to see
- Dave Urbanski
New Jersey motorist deliberately crashes car into police station — while blasting Guns N' Roses' 'Welcome to the Jungle,' cops say
- Chris Enloe
CNN analyst hits Newsom for playing 'extreme' identity politics with Laphonza Butler appointment
- BlazeTV Staff
Is there ANY way Democrat Jamaal Bowman ACCIDENTALLY pulled a fire alarm?
- Andrew Chapados
'Severe vaginal lacerations': Woman sues Disney World for injuries caused by massive 'wedgie' on waterslide
- Chris Enloe
Guest schools Bill Maher, Sam Harris over double standard media give Biden after speaking truth about Trump-Russia lie
- Joseph MacKinnon
Biden admin's latest vaccine push falls on deaf ears, with majority indicating they will not get the COVID-19 shot
- Dave Urbanski
Chicago Democrat leader rips 'socialists,' 'ultra progressives' who turn blind eye to violent crime in city: 'Innocent people are being hunted down like prey'

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