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Rep. James Comer discusses Joe Biden's Illegal financial dealings with his son & Foreign countries
Marjorie Taylor Greene asks Tom Renz questions regarding DoD Vaccine Injuries
The "Leader" of the Free World is a Jackass
Elon Musk sues Deep State Organization, Media Matters. Lawsuit could Bankrupt them.
Seriously?! Chinese Biolab discovered in California!
Is this a Physical Threat? Deep State Propaganda organization MSNBC:  Trump has to be Eliminated
Wow! New Argentina President Javier Milei is not holding back at all regarding Radical Lefties!
Far-left actor Michael Rapaport: "Voting for Pig Dick Donald Trump is on the Table"
Newly elected Argentina President Javier Milei plans on firing Multiple top-level Gov't Officials
Bernie Sanders breaks up fight between Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin & labor leader Sean O'Brien
RFK Jr. talks about Woody Harrelson's dad's role in the Assassination of JFK
Joe Rogan & Whitney Cummings laugh at the History of Disney putting Dicks in their Cartoons
Nikki Haley says that every Person should be Verified on Social Media because of National Security
Senator Ron Johnson puts up Chart showing Adverse Drug Effects of Vaccine & other Drugs
UFC Dana White told a big sponsor to go "F themselves" after asking to take down a pro-Trump video

Conservative News Networks

There are reasons why conservatives are called to be on the “Right”. The”Left” does not want to admit it, but they do engage in many questionable activities. The left side media are literally liberal activists now. The Left side Media Networks have had to cover up years of propaganda practices and now have found themselves in a deep hole. There are very few conservative news networks. But by studying facts and not propaganda we all can decide what is “Right”. Check out the latest political videos to make up your own mind.

Woman who alleges election fraud lights up a Michigan Representative. December 2020.

Jenna Ellis of the Trump Legal Team lights up more government scum. This time is happens in Wayne County, Michigan. December 2020.

Political Videos – Michigan woman who alleges election fraud describes how she has been threatened. December 2020.

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