The War on the Border

Before America had even decided who would be president, we had an important problem that had not been addressed correctly for many decades. Not to say that no previous administration had not tried fixing the problem, but no president or congress worked to get the issues resolved. There is one and only one question that we should ask: Have we been lied to by our government for years? We have been told over and over that America has a huge drug problem, with most of the drugs being smuggled in from central America. We’ve had movies glamourizing the drug cartels. Main stream media would constantly remind us about all of the deaths caused by imported drugs. There was an obvious war on the border.

Now suddenly, the liberals and democrats say that there is no problem on the border. They say that it is all being blown out of proportion by the Trump Administration. Well, what is it? The democrats have lied to us for years saying that there is a problem or are they lying not to us now, saying that there is no problem. Either way you look at it, one thing is perfectly clear. One of the two is an obvious lie. Which is it?

 As Trump campaigned to get elected as our Commander in Chief, he constantly spoke about the problems at the border at his energetic rallies held across the nation. At that point, the main stream media started to spin the whole argument. Commentators on these “news” networks said that Trump was a racist for saying that we needed a southern border wall for the safety of the American people. They constantly pushed this agenda to mark Trump as a racist by airing it nightly on their networks. The fake news said that his actions and comments proved that he was a racist. Video was often edited showing only parts of his speeches that showed him as a racist.

There is a famous video that showed him saying that “they are all bad people” and “they are murderers”. But oddly enough, there is more to that video. The question that prompted Trump to respond the way he did was a question asking about the MS-13 gang and the violence they have caused in inner cities. Why was it that 95% of American media companies ONLY showed the response but not the question beforehand? It is no secret that any legitimate news network does a background check on articles before they release them to the public. Why would they not look at the question that came before the answer? It is only common sense isn’t it to do so? 

The answer is yes, they did indeed look at the question. They all did this purposely. Their intentions were to mislead the public and to delegitimatize his presidency. Purposely not showing everything in a story IS FAKE NEWS. This also proves that the main stream media work together to fool Americans so the media can control which way they want politics to sway.

  With all of that being said, there is an unresolved problem on the border. Drugs is one problem. Gangs such as MS-13 bringing in violence into the country is another problem. Child trafficking is a huge, sad problem. And one problem that is hardly spoken about is, we pay billions each year to pay for housing, medical expenses, and welfare to illegals. We have people who live on the streets whom get zero benefits, but yet they are citizens. We have the elderly and veterans struggling each day financially, but illegals get support with no questions asked. Why is this? Wouldn’t it be common sense to help your own citizens first before helping others coming into the country illegally?

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Democrats use emotions to fool the public. They say that those rushing to border are being treated horribly and it is a humanitarian crisis. Most of it is NOT a humanitarian crisis. Think about it. If you were told, “hey, come to Canada and we will pay your housing bills, medical expenses and welfare”, don’t you believe that there would be a tremendous immigrant surge towards the northern border? There definitely would. Can you blame many of these immigrants for doing this? Not really. But facts are facts, there are millions of legal citizens born in this great country of ours that are suffering daily. Help them first. Common sense.

  Have you wondered why the democrats keep pushing the idea of ending the electoral college and lowering the voting age? Also, why are they so for allowing these southern border crossings to keep occurring. They have ticked off their old main base. Most of those Americans have grown into having more conservative views or have plainly finally began to see through their lies and manipulation of different races. If the electoral college is ended, that means we now go by the popular vote. 

The democrats believe if they allow in as many people as possible to flow into the country, that would give them enough to win the popular vote. Generally, younger generations are brainwashed in schools to believe in liberal views. Lowering the voter age to sixteen years old would also help with the popular vote. 

Removing the electoral college would also give the larger states with larger populations greater control over what happens in the U.S. Smaller states such as North Dakota, would have less of a voice in decision making. This is not what the founding fathers rightfully thought was in the best interest in the republic. Having a greater population base would also give those areas such as California more representatives in the House of representatives. The democrats would have more power in that institution.

  The leaders of the liberal movement could care less about the immigrants coming into the border. They do not care if it is a humanitarian crisis. They see this surge from the southern border as a great opportunity to use minorities once again, sadly as pawns so they can have power. The democrats work hand and hand with the main stream media to lie to the people, saying how much they care. They obviously do not care about the homeless or veterans. If they did, they would figure out ways to distribute more money to help those struggling daily.

  The large increase of those running over the border is a border crisis. A wall would work. We have helped pay for walls that were built on other countries’ borders. Democrats voted for that. But yet they say the security of its own people is not worth the money that is spent to build the barrier. Why does a wall work for one nation, but not another? Does that make sense? The Number of illegals crossing these nations diminished greatly as soon as a wall was constructed.

 Do not continue to allow these immoral democrats to keep fooling you if you do not realize what is truly happening when they say there is no crisis. Facts are facts. Their spins on these issues are starting to fall flat. And they know it. The only way out if it is…..keep lying and continue to build up the liberal vote with those who are not legal citizens.


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