The WWG1WGA Worldwide Movement

The world has desperately wanted this for many decades, maybe even centuries. It is finally here and we are not talking about the movement being spoken about by the Mainstream Media. It is the WWG1WGA movement. What is WWG1WGA? The acronym stands for Where We Go One, We Go All. How and why did this movement start? It all started when an anonymous user named Q posted on the imageboard 4chan in October of 2017. “Q” stated that he/she/or unit had information about a secret military operation that involved United States President Donald Trump. His generals and others around the world who are fighting against globalism and the evil doers who headed the globalism effort joined the president. This started the explosion of the fascination of course with Qanon.

To this very day nobody has ever learned who this “Q” is. We do not know if it is a single individual or a group of patriots. But we do know this: the movement that Q started has grown Worldwide. The Mainstream Media has done everything in its power to make sure people would not find out or join this movement. But word spread throughout nations that its citizens were crying out against the evil deep state. Google, Twitter, Facebook and also all of the other Big Tech companies shadow banned or banned anyone associated with this movement as time went by. It has become quite obvious by their actions that they are indeed part of the cover-up and in addition have colluded with MSM and the Democrat Party.

Good vs Evil

The movement is all about good vs evil and doing the right thing and helping fellow man & woman. But the movement does have disadvantages. One obvious one is the support of the media as discussed earlier. But also another disadvantage is Liberals are much more better at centralizing their system. They coordinate better together to start protests, riots, and other events than conservatives are in putting an event into action. The Q Movement recently started moving to and it has been a very great step to progress it. But conservatives need more Big Tech backing & need their own version of Youtube to show off their followers’ voices on video throughout the planet. Youtube has done everything in its power to try to destroy the movement and put it out of existence. Palbulletin has made a page that is dedicated to showcase patriots videos in hopes that it helps other conservatives find them Patriots Page.

Conservatives need to learn how to centralize together. We need a place to be able to see what is going on around the world. We need a place to be able to plan protests without the threat of Big Tech trying to crush our attempts. Palbulletin now has forums and wants to hear feedback on how we can help the WWG1WGA & Q communities to expand its power. We hope people use our forums to speak out and to also learn about the evil deeds being performed in other nations. Also to maybe become a spot where people can assemble to be able to plan future events. The world is waking up despite having no help from the liberal media. Followers of this great group can contact Palbulletin at If you have any ideas, stories, or additionally help that you can give us so we can assist to keep Q growing please send us an email. We need to finally destroy what the elite are trying to do. We have been lied to. Let’s stick together to finally free humankind from the hands of a few evil people controlling the world.

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