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The Awakening of the American People


Confronting Corruption

For years we have suspected that the government was full of corruption. Patriots decided to take a chance and they rolled the dice on a unique candidate. Although Donald Trump was a well-known billionaire and TV personality, he was not a career lifelong politician like Hillary Clinton. Trump told the American people that he wanted to help America FIRST. This angered the globalists. It terrified the “elite”. This horrified congressman and women who had been using the government for their own purposes. And it also made the Deep State panic.

Finally doing what the american people want

Donald J. Trump told the American people that he wanted a southern border wall built to help protect and secure us. He told us that he wanted capitalism to help all americans and would make a strong economy. Trump told us that he wanted to help correct the prison system. He wanted the world to know that he was going to help Israel. The Washington outsider warned that he would shred the unfair and unbelievable Paris Agreement deal. He told the patriots that he would not agree to help illegals use tax payer money for welfare and health care, when many of legal citizens do not have it. It was declared to the public that he would be on the side of pro-life unlike so many presidents that preceded him. 

The start of draining the swamp

The patriots took a chance. He won the hugest upset in the history of American politics. Trump has been unlike any other politician. He has tried to keep every promise. A southern border wall is being built. The economy is the strongest it has been in decades. He participates in pro-life gatherings. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. He backed out of the disgraceful Paris agreement.

This all came with a price though. The traitors within came out into the public’s eye. Their actions were brought out center stage for all of America to see. The problem is there are many traitors, corrupt people, and many who lack moral behavior. The 45th president of this great nation, his family, his administration, and all of his dedicated followers have had to put up with ongoing harassment from the media, congress, the deep-state, and the uneducated sheep that the democratic party has manufactured. 

It is time for the patriots to gather together once again. This time the fight is twice as difficult. There is much at stake. We MUST keep the senate. We MUST get the house back. And we absolutely MUST get the only president who has fought for the people back into office for a second term in 2020. The patriots know of the importance of the constitution and why that document has made the United States the greatest country on this Earth and the envy of the other nations. It is time for the Patriot nation, The Q followers, Conservatives, Republicans, or whatever else you want to call us, to unite and KEEP AMERICA GREAT and vote republican on all ballots.

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The pal bulletin goal

Our hopes are for the website to be used as a social platform to discuss the various issues in politics today and historical events. News stories from various Mainstream fake media networks, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts will be discussed from the conservative point of view. Opinions and facts are also welcome to be posted on our Pal Bulletin Opinion Page. We can not allow the values that this country were built on to continue to be destructed by the Liberals. Such problems as sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, and trying to frame a sitting president all need to be corrected. The only way of doing this is staying together and with solid discussion.

The Democrats have lied to us for Generations

We need to put the pieces together and complete the puzzle. The Democrats have lied to us for generations. Much of  it we know. Some of it we knew but forgot. Other things are or have been hidden from us. Over the past few years I have seen many disturbing events happen.

I have seen conservative speakers demonized and kicked off college campuses. Google searches have slowly changed. Things that i typed in a year ago have been modified towards the liberal view. Google and the internet sites associated with the company and liberals have either taken off a positive conservative event, changed it to be more favorably towards their agenda, or they say the event is false. Our history books and freedom of speech is slowly being taken away from us and no large groups are taking a tough stand on it. It is disgusting. The only way to wake people up is with proof. Hopefully evidence that is shown on this website will help awaken conservative patriots.

The Racism Deception

I keep hearing about how Republicans have always had ties to the KKK and white supremacy. So I decided to do some research.. I typed in KKK politicians and it brought me to a wikipedia page. Now we have always been told that Democrats are for minorities and Republicans have long been tied to white supremacy groups. Umm, it is quite the opposite after looking up who was in each party. Look it up for yourself, but you can not deny facts (until the liberals make the changes in the new history books).

Kill Political Correctness

America is sick of the Political Correctness that was pushed on us. The Obama era made the issue even more unbearable.

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Doesn't Anyone else find what the Liberals are saying and doing, Strange?

Most of the heavy use of liberalism that we see today started in the 60s. The “burning bra” movement, women’s rights, and the sexual revolution all propelled into what is today, a huge mess. Many of the movements were definitely needed. Racial inequality needed to be fixed badly. Women’s wages were significantly down compared to men in the working place. But other movements pushed this country in a direction that was just simply wrong.


Everyone is afraid to say anything now

In today’s environment one can turn on the news and think that the world has just gone cuckoo. People are afraid to say what is on their mind. The fear of other people wagging their fingers at and talking down to you has caused people to say things publicly that they actually don’t believe. Admit it. You and I do it constantly.

People should not be ridiculed on what they believe. Comedians can’t even say a joke anymore without apologizing right after delivering the joke. Everyone is apologizing for everything. And if you don’t apologize and you do not conform to what the liberals tell you to say, then you are immediately designated a racist. Your name is smeared all over social media instantly. These same liberals preach about how childhood bullying is a huge crime, but yet these preachers bully adults on a daily basis. Each and every day these tactics are used against conservatives or anyone who disagrees with this mob mentality.

Liberals have pushed us to the limit

Liberalism has overstepped its boundaries. It has been like this for years now but everyone is terrified to speak about the problem. Most of the media are left wing activists and push censorship or manipulate a clip to only show the public what they want to see about an event or individual. It is sad and pathetic. It is also very scary.

The normal average person can only watch and hear much news due to many different reasons. Their lives are complicated. They have jobs, families, and keeping up with the maintenance on their homes. They don’t have the time to deal with the craziness of Washington D.C. This is quite understandable. But there are many disturbing events and consequences that are transpiring and growing at a rapid rate. Many of these circumstances are hidden. But many are hidden due to a number of factors including by the media, politicians, and time constraints for any normal person to deal with.

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america's true values

The Main Stream Media tell us that Trump is dividing the country. America has been divided for decades and the main culprit was the Obama administration’s politically correct agenda.

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