The MAGA Chronicles

There have been a series of ups and downs ever since the election of November 3rd and the certifying of the election in January. I have decided to add a page that contains journal posts of current events going on and my thoughts on the crazy world of politics involving Donald Trump, Joe Biden & others.

The MAGA Chronicles

How are Flynn, Wood, Clements, Powell, Lindell and Others connected to 1776?


It wasn’t just 1776. It was also the years that led up to 1776 and the years that happened after that historic year. The Patriots of that time took a huge risk. That risk meant their lives, possessions, and families could all be taken away by a tyrannical government. Many of these patriots lost their lives fighting for what they believed in. They courageously fought for truth, honor, freedom and liberty.

1776 took years in the making. Patriots who normally were peaceful, god fearing, and law abiding citizens had to make huge sacrifices. They did not want to change their lives, personalities, and future. But they knew that they had to in order to ensure that those men, women and children that come after them would be forever grateful if they won the difficult war that loomed ahead. They rolled the dice because they knew that they would always be a slave to a system that only favored the rich and powerful. The patriots also knew that there was a great chance of ending up dead.

They risked it all

How are Flynn, Wood, Clements, Powell, Lindell and Others connected to 1776?These brave men and women had their reputations tarnished, homes burnt to the ground, and unfortunately saw brothers and sisters killed. Was it worth it? The obvious answer is yes because those people were the ones who changed the course of history for the entire planet. They won in the end but they also lost nearly everything. But one thing that they did not lose or give up was their freedom. These patriots battled to develop a free country which aimed to keep a large corrupt government out entirely. The days after that war were harsh and difficult but the sense of liberty was great. America had its ups and downs for decades after that war but also had great prosperity, patriotism and of loving their family, friends and neighbors. Until now.

We have seen the grips of communism speed up at lightning speed in the past 5 years. A man named Donald J. Trump was friends with many of these communists. Or was he? Many people believed that he had great friendships with many who we consider as traitors today. But it is my belief that he just considered these “friends” as just being associates and business partners in his construction building world. His real love was for his family and those blue collar workers who worked at his company. Trump noticed that most of these individuals were real and not fake like the elites who surrounded him due to his business life.

Trump knew that we were at a Crossroads

Trump saw that America was at a crossroads in 2015. He had always flirted with the idea of running for president before. But he knew that he absolutely had to step in because he had seen how his blue collar workers and other normal Americans were not being given many of their rights. He saw how they had been cheated by their government over and over. The politicians sold the United States out to other countries to make side money for themselves. Donald Trump also rolled the dice just as our founding fathers did. He did this for the very same reasons that those patriots did.

He shocked the world when he won the 2016 election against his opponent communist candidate Hillary Clinton. The communists were stunned. They had backed a candidate that was so horrible that they had to have their minions help her cheat to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton lost despite the rigged system in her favor. She was such a terrible candidate that even attempting to steal an election could not save her. Hillary more than likely wanted to have audits conducted to help her try to steal some swing states back. But she and the Democrats both knew that if they demanded audits that it would reveal their own shady, corrupt elections.  They had no other choice but to just shut up and allow Donald Trump to win his seat as President. Thus, they then turned to their clean up crew mainstream media.

The Exposure

How are Flynn, Wood, Clements, Powell, Lindell and Others connected to 1776?President Trump’s four years as the leader of the free world was the most chaotic term in the history of this country. But it was not his fault. The mainstream media had brainwashed the American citizens so badly that they now believed everything that they reported. Donald Trump was the victim of numerous frame jobs and smear campaigns by the so-called journalists. But the media messed up. They overly exposed themselves and the whole system began to unravel. People began to awaken to reality. They finally became aware of those same elements that Donald Trump had seen that forced him to run for the presidency. We all found out the difficult way. The American citizens discovered that our whole political system was deeply tied into our corporate world and to the media outlets. These entities were all intertwined.

We all know the story of what happened on November 3rd, 2020. Donald Trump won but lost. We all witnessed his struggle to expose what truly happened on that night and the days that happened right after. He was forced to make the decision whether to stay in office that would more than likely lead to a civil war or to exit the White House peacefully. He strategically made the decision to leave. Donald Trump signed numerous executive orders and initiated other orders that will bring down the communist empire in the future. Don’t think for a minute that he did not. Remember how quiet he was in his last few weeks of his presidency? Do you remember him staying completely away from Washington D.C. in those last three weeks? It was also reported that air force one flight paths showed that he had navigated his way to some military bases. Do you think that he did this just to visit and to say hello?

Silence can be Deceiving

Trump remained uncharacteristically quiet for many weeks after his departure from the White House. MAGA followers were still outraged after the obvious stolen election. But Donald Trump’s voice was nowhere to be found. There was a reason for that action. He knew that the American people would have to learn how to fight harder to discover more truths. This was not his main reason for his silence but it was part of his reasoning. America could not just depend on one man to continue to fight this intense battle against a corrupt, communist machine. Donald Trump is no longer a young man and he had just done what no other individual on this planet could have done. He and his family took uppercuts daily from the fake news mainstream media. Trump was still in the battle but he needed help for the upcoming future.

The Patriots find their General to lead them

How are Flynn, Wood, Clements, Powell, Lindell and Others connected to 1776?That was when General Michael Flynn stepped in. We all knew that he was a loved figure and patriot. MAGA followers also knew that he was a fighter and would never give up on what he believed in. He and his attorney Sidney Powell had just got done fighting the Deep State justice system for years before Trump had to unfortunately step in and pardon him even though it was proven that the general was innocent. The Deep State consistently used the strategy to delay his court dates to free him and in the end used Judge Sullivan to do some illegal activity to help in this strategy. Trump helped free the general right before he left the White House.

The gag order was off of him and the general slowly started talking more and more. The MAGA movement followed him on social media and looked wherever they could to watch an interview that he had just done with a conservative news outlet. We all wanted to know if something was happening behind the scenes and if the true president was going to get put back into his rightful place in the oval office. The general stood firm and did not push out rumors or champion conspiracy theories. He used facts and truth. The people listened closely to every word that the highly respected general said. He had become the unofficial general for the MAGA movement. He and the movement are not about violence. They stick to the truth and fight for an equal justice for all.

Flynn had become this generation’s George Washington. He has fought many fights. The general has been on literal battlegrounds and now he has found himself as the leader of MAGA in the information war. Soldiers in the years surrounding 1776 needed an inspirational figure to keep them motivated in order to win the ever important war. Washington was that leader and led very well. General Flynn did not look to become a leader of any sort of war. But he has become that same inspirational leader that was needed in 1776.

Other Patriot Leaders step forward

Immediately after the November 3rd stolen election we saw other patriot leaders step up. Wars are not won by generals alone. Generals need strong lieutenants and sergeants. George Washington needed leaders beneath him during the late 1770s. He had help from numerous patriots. General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell was spotted in Georgia alongside a fellow lawyer named Lin Wood. They preached in front of a Georgian crowd about the shocking unfairness of the 2020 election. The two had fire in their eyes. Both of them knew that this was more than just a normal four year election. The stolen election was about the future of the American republic and both of them were geared with strong loud voices to help them during this information battle.

Strength and Logic from Sidney Powell

Strength and Logic from Sidney PowellSidney Powell has taken on the role of a strong, logical leader who uses research as her deadly weapon. She does not want violence. But she wants freedom and liberty just as our founding fathers have done in the past. Sidney had fought long battles against the Deep State in the past. She knew the playbook that they used and the ugly games that they used. She has had to fight off of a lot of attacks since November 3rd. Her reputation has been attacked by the fake news on a daily basis. Dominion voting machines and other Deep State entities brought up lawsuits against her asking for ridiculous amounts of money for damages. States are trying to take away her law license. None of these organizations have any grounds to back up their allegations but they are allowed to get away with it by the Deep State owned mainstream media.

Tenaciousness and truth from Lin Wood

Tenaciousness and truth from Lin WoodLin Wood also stood beside Sidney Powell on that November day in Georgia in front of a patriotic crowd. His role in this information war has been different from the other leaders of the truth movement. He has been used to confuse the enemy. Part of his actions have involved exposing embarrassing and controversial facts of the communist enemy. He has posted numerous so-called conspiracy theories about Deep State activity. The enemy plummeted him with smears that called him insane. The Deep State asset Georgia bar demanded a mental exam from him. They attempted to take away his state law license. The fake news attacked him like rabid dogs in order to keep the truth from the public. Despite all of this he has refused to give in and he never will. Just as our leaders of 1776 did, he will not give in an inch to their tyranny.

Mike Lindell’s Power without Pillows

Mike Lindell's Power without PillowsNormally pillows are known as being fluffy. But not in this case. Mike Lindell may own a pillow company but he does not use them as his weapon. He challenges the mainstream media to interview him. They refuse and make excuses. Lindell also made the decision to be proactive and to not to just sit and watch. He created a website called to help expose the communist government’s theft of the 2020 election. He also had a symposium during the summer that was full of great patriot speakers that greatly embarrassed the enemy and showed many nonbelievers of what their government truly was. Deep State asset Dominion also filed a ridiculous lawsuit against Mike Lindell. But in the end the joke will be on them once the Lindell attorney team is going to be able to show the court that the company had lied about its key role in the stolen election. He also had to fight off numerous smear campaigns by the fake news. Mike took the shots from the enemy and he is still standing. He won’t stop fighting until the patriots win.

The Professor teaches the enemy a lesson

The Professor teaches the enemy a lessonOne patriot that had not received as much attention until this past summer was Professor David Clements. He was a well respected New Mexico State University professor. David Clements has his law license just like fellow patriots Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. He had become very active in this information battle against the Deep State but he particularly became a huge target after his unbelievable performance at the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium this past summer. There he gave a legal demonstration that compared the Deep State to the mafia. It was a fantastic display of facts, examples and damning evidence against our communist government. The enemy contacted its clean up crew. Mainstream media quickly responded by attacking with smears against the professor. The professor stood tall and took the hits. His own university also showed their communist ties as they fired the teacher for not using a mask during class sessions and for him refusing a mandated vaccine. He also has given up much in order to get the truth out.

With freedom comes high risk

With freedom comes risk. And with risk comes high reward. All of these patriots have one thing in common and that goal is to restore order to what the founding fathers had previously intended when they wrote the history changing document called the Constitution. But over the decades their intended government was hijacked by crooked politicians, greedy central bankers, and other treasonous Deep State communists. These patriots have not been moved an inch during the constant bombardment of attacks by the fake news mainstream media. And they never will sway. The patriots will continue to have their backs during this long struggle against an immoral enemy. They also share another common trait that the communists don’t have. Faith in god. The communist system is based on its citizens to believe that their government is god. Communists are godless. Because communists are godless they are lost. They will also lose the battle against the patriots because we all know how this ends. God wins.

Is there more happening in Guantanamo Bay than what we are being told?


More events may be happening in Guantanamo Bay than the public is being told. Catherine Herridge of CBS is reporting that there is a multi-million dollar expansion project currently happening. It involves adding an additional military court and more workspace for handling classified intel. This whole concept goes completely against the Biden Administration narrative that they want to close the Guantanamo Bay prison down.

Nuclear Football Rumors

For months conservatives have heard conspiracy theories that Joe Biden was not recognized as Commander-in-Chief by the United States military. We also heard rumors that the “nuclear football” was never actually given to Joe Biden and that Donald Trump had complete control of the nuclear device. If you believe that conspiracy well then this story by CBS and Catherine Herridge supports it. Joe Biden wants to close the prison down, but yet Donald Trump wants to keep it activated and used for tribunal court proceedings. Did only the House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court recognize Joe Biden as President? Could these entities have broken the law after they had certified the electoral votes on January 6th?

Trump’s Actions in his Final Days as President

Based on the actions of Donald Trump’s last days as President of the United States this very well could be true that Joe Biden is not recognized as the Commander-in-Chief by the military. In his final days Trump signed many executive orders. Why would he even bother signing and declaring any executive orders when the Biden Administration would definitely just reverse them when they immediately took power? President Donald Trump also was very quiet and left Washington D.C. for the most part in the last few weeks of his administration. Let’s face it. Donald Trump being quiet is dangerous to the Deep State. It is completely uncharacteristic of him to say nothing. His flight paths were also to be rumored to have landed in a key military site in Texas a few times during those last three weeks. Was he giving some classified information to the military and handed the “keys to the kingdom” to the United States military. Is there truly not a legal president right now and the military is in control in the background?

Is there more happening in Guantanamo Bay than what we are being told?

Executive Order 13848 could be a key

These are all legitimate questions that both liberals and conservatives need to ask. These are all facts. Another fact is that President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13848 on September 12th, 2018.  Although that executive order was signed two years before he left office, that order is the Deep State’s worst nightmare. That executive order declares that if it is proven that foreign interference occurred in any election, then anyone associated with that country would lose any property that was on United States soil. And of course that would include prison time for any agents related in helping that country in the act.

The Military is waiting for the Arizona report

Now do you know why Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and all of the other global Deep State elite have acted the way that they have? If you are a MAGA Trump supporter I would not lose hope just yet. There are some signs such as the additions being constructed on Guantanamo Bay that the military is not listening to Joe Biden. The military may just be waiting for the Arizona forensic audit report to be revealed to the public. Leaks could have been slowly being released to the citizens so that we would not be overwhelmed when the actual truth comes out. It’s not time to panic. Let the Arizona report come out then we will see if Trump handed the keys to the kingdom to the military. If that is the case then Trump will be reinstated as the actual president BEFORE 2024 and we will see arrests on a massive scale that the world has never seen before.


Why do people keep using the Communist Social Media platforms?

Why do people keep using the Communist Social Media platforms?


I know that I am guilty of it too. But I have cut back on using Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook by 80%. The only one that I use is Facebook and I just came back after they deleted my account 6 months ago for no reason. The only reason that I got kicked off the platform was that I was a Pro Trump MAGA supporter. I just recently returned and started posting again on facebook because I love all of my friends across the country that follow me and I missed their responses.I guess what I am saying is that I am still guilty of it too to an extent.

However, I constantly hear podcasters bitch that they are being shadow banned on Youtube. Then they make a back-up channel and are kicked off of there also so then they go back to their original channel. This pattern continues but with multiple new channels. Sooner or later these podcasters get kicked off for no apparent real reason and then they lose followers. I stopped using Youtube altogether. They are communists to the core. We are in a battle with these traitors to the constitution and this country. Why fund the enemy? All of these podcasters need to all leave at the same time and tell their followers with emails or videos where to follow them for now on. They will follow if you put out quality videos. Make youtube’s stock price crash overnight!

I also have stopped using the google search engine. All of their material is totally biased and they are in the process of changing history. They think that they have us all linked in to stay because of their power on phones and other devices. But whenever you can start using Duckduckgo and other search engines. Google is purposely putting conservative news sites at the bottom of searches. All of the liberal junk is at the top so they can continue Project Mockingbird. Let’s stop the CIA’s project today. We can’t entirely switch yet. But we can cut down traffic to their programs significantly.

Twitter is also off my list. I only post there probably once a month now. I used to post there daily. Go to a different platform such as Gab, Parler, or Mewe. They are all questionable also. But they are not nearly as communist as Twitter and the other Big government run social media sites.

We have started taking down the main-stream television networks. Their ratings have sunk 70% in many cases. This must continue. Break them first. They told us lies for years. They hid events and news purposely to the public. And they can not ever use the word “debunked” or “conspiracy theorists” ever again. Many of our claims have proved to be true. The Hunter Biden laptop from hell, Hydroxychloroquine does work, China was using gain of function for bioweapons, and Dr. Fauci’s emails all have substantial evidence to prove that we were right.

Congress and the FBI have designated the MAGA movement as terrorists and enemies of the state. Well, they started this battle when they announced that publicly. Now it is time to take away their piggy banks that they use to fund their wars and programs outside the United States. They do this as American veterans, homeless, and elderly suffer financially daily. The federal government and many blue state governments simply do not care about us. All we are to them are pawns. They gladly watched many of us die during the pandemic. Just ask New York, Michigan and a couple other blue states that purposely parked elderly who had covid with patients who did not have the disease. They wanted them to die so the death total would pile up and this would help get Donald J.Trump out of office.

They thought their global reset and New World Order bullcrap story would work. It failed and it failed miserably. The people have awoken. The TV media, big tech social media platforms, and politicians went over the top and showed how much lies and corruption there that we are surrounded by.

They spy on us with our phones. Google, Facebook, and Twitter trade information on individuals so they can keep censoring those that do not go along with their sick, twisted narrative. Until we stop financing these communist corporations then the problems will continue and get worse. So all of us need to stop using Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Make their stock prices crash and cause a panic in the stock market! If you own stock in these companies then I would probably sell now before it is worth nothing but pennies.

Where is Jamey Comey? Did he flip?

Where is Jamey Comey? Did he flip?


Here is a legitimate question. Has anyone seen or heard anything from former FBI director James Comey? He has not tweeted on Twitter since January 20th. I do not watch CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other communist fake news networks because I literally get sick. But I have not seen his name mentioned anywhere. I find that the fact that his last tweet was January 20th is an interesting date. That was inauguration day and he tweeted that last tweet at 12:36 pm just minutes after Joe Biden was sworn in.

Nobody has heard anything from John Durham and no leaks from his investigation have been leaked out. So if we put two and two together this question must pop up: Did James Comey flip and tell Durham everything that truly happened with the Russian collusion hoax? Was James Comey safely moved while the rest of the investigation continues to happen? Chances are that it is not true if we base it on Comey’s past behavior. But it sure is odd how he had tweeted nearly every day and suddenly he stops and has not tweeted in over 5 months and no TV appearances? Simply strange. We’ll see how this all ends. But one thing that does not make sense is James Comey’s silence.

First Post

Who would have guessed that the Deep State was this big?


Donald Trump successfully proved that a deep state really did exist. Many of us did not realize to the extent that the deep state had its grip on until he left office however. We knew that they had the media, big tech, central bank, CIA and FBI. But he also brought to light some other American institutions that we never thought of as being a part of the Deep State.

Many knew Big Pharma was a huge problem. But nobody would have predicted that they would actually kill millions of people in order to make a profit. That is exactly what they did when they hid hydroxychloroquine. The drug costs only a few dollars compared to the high cost of giving each person around the world their vaccine. By the way if you did not know, the vaccine has never been approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

We also discovered that the teacher’s unions were deeply entrenched into the grasp of the deep state. Teachers refused to go to work until Joe Biden gave in to their demands. The union has been using politics in order to fulfill it’s own agendas. Parents have had to fight these unions tooth and nail trying to get their kids back into the schools that they belong in.

China’s influence on our universities was also put into the spotlight. We found out that many professors have been selling their services to the Chinese Communist Party. Many students from China also came to the United States specifically to learn whatever they could and bring the technology back to China to be used against our country.

The takeover of these institutions was of no surprise by many patriots. But most Americans had never thought of these parts of society being part of the Deep State or it was even possible. 

The departure of Donald Trump from the White House has been a major blow to the MAGA movement. Or was it? The Biden administration showed every voter on their very first day of control what they were. They proved that they were liars and frauds. Joe Biden and his click are purposely trying to destroy this country in order to help initiate the globalists agenda of a global reset and their new world order.

But they made a mistake. They didn’t fool any of us with a brain. We are grouping together and getting rid of RINO leadership in congress. Donald Trump is endorsing candidates around the country in preparation. He isn’t preparing for 2024. He is preparing for the summer of 2021 and regaining control of the senate and house of representatives in 2022. Conservatives believe in the greatest document ever created. The democrats do not. They will be held accountable for breaking our laws. And those days are coming fast.

It’s more than just a Neighborhood problem. It’s an American problem.


Let me tell you about a story about Billy Corruzione. Little Billy was a big lad. He was known around the neighborhood of being a spoiled brat. Parents of the local school district were shocked though when they started getting emails from the elementary school that Billy was a victim of hate and was being picked on a daily basis by his classmates and called him fat.

The moms and dads acted quickly of course and scolded their children for picking on poor Billy. They told them to stop calling him fat and to be nice to him. The kids swore that they had not picked on Billy but the parents said that they were wrong. So the parents ignored their own kids’ claims.

As time went by however the parents kept receiving emails from the school. Now they insisted that the children stop calling him fat and now to refer to him as being big boned. So the parents agreed. A week later the parents got another email stating that that was not good enough and Billy should now be referred as being heavy set. The parents once agreed to talk to their children about the Billy name calling problem. The children again claimed that they were not calling him names. The parents ignored them again. Weekly emails continued to go to the parents weekly until finally it got out of hand. Now the school demanded that Billy be called “skinny challenged”.

Parents started to talk to each other around the neighborhood. They discussed the Billy problem but they discovered other issues that were being uncovered by talking to the other parents. It was becoming quite evident that it was not Billy that was being bullied by their children. But it was in fact Billy who was bullying their children and calling them names. Billy had been hiding behind his unfortunate weight problem and using it as a shield. He was allowed to call other children names and intimidate them. But as soon as the other children tried to defend themselves they were immediately shamed. The kids were then sent to the principal’s office and disciplined.

The parents ignored this issue for a long time. But then Billy started beating up the other children and stealing from them! The school was contacted and the school immediately defended Billy. The principal stated that it was false and that the parents should be ashamed for picking on a fat kid.

After that discussion the parents once again started ignoring the problem. But one day everything got out of hand and they found Billy’s classmate Jimmy beaten up badly and with a broken arm. Jimmy was afraid to talk about the incident but finally reluctantly admitted that Billy had beaten him up. The parents asked why he didn’t try to defend himself. Jimmy said that he knew nobody would believe him and so what was the point of even trying to fight back. He said that he would just be called a liar again and actually he would be the one that everyone said was guilty.

The parents in the neighborhood had had enough. They decided that they would all march down to the school during the middle of the school day and find out what was really going on. The parents walked into the classroom and found that the principal had ordered the teacher to have all of the “fat” kids sit on one side of the room and all of the other children on the other side of the room. This baffled the parents. They discussed the alleged beating of Jimmy by Billy with the teacher and principal. But once again the parents were reassured that it was not Billy who was the problem but it was indeed their children who had jumped Billy and Billy had no choice but to defend himself. As the parents went to leave, the principal told them that they were horrible people for picking on a fat kid. The parents ignored the problem and came home.

But that was not the end of this problem. One day Suzy was playing in her backyard. Her mother was in the kitchen and was not worried about her. She had set up a security camera in the backyard and could keep an eye on Suzy. But something horrible happened. Suzy’s mother was shocked when she saw on her security camera next to her that Little Billy had jumped the fence. He then started to beat Suzy and her mother ran outside as she heard her poor daughter screaming and crying. Little Billy saw her mother rushing out of the house. He laughed as he jumped over the fence and ran towards his house.

Suzy’s mother had had enough! She called up the other neighborhood parents and they marched to the elementary school to show that they had proof that it was Billy who had been the problem all along. Suzy’s mom explained to the principal about the incident and then proceeded to show the principal the proof on the video that she had recorded on her security camera.

The principal then looked at Suzy’s mom and claimed that that video had been debunked and was fake. The teacher standing next to the principal then stated that the video had obviously been manipulated and photoshopped. The principal and teacher then began to shame the parents saying that they should be ashamed of themselves for picking on poor Billy just because he was fat. The parents said that their claims had nothing to do with how Billy looked and that they just wanted the problem to be taken cared of in the right way and for the truth to come out.

The parents were ordered to leave or else the police were going to be called. As the parents left they were called names by the principal and teachers. They were called fat and ugly by the very people who claimed that they were sticking up for a “fat” kid. It had appeared that the parents had allowed the Billy problem to go on for too long and now the situation was totally out of control.

It's more than just a Neighborhood problem. It's an American problem.

This story of course is a load of crap. It obviously never happened. However there are lessons to be learned from the story. This story sounds awfully familiar in a lot of ways doesn’t it? Principals and teachers are not bad people. But their actions in this story are very similar to what is happening in our political environment right now and the stolen election of 2020.

The principal and teacher are the authority figures just as is our federal government and its agencies. The school had decided that it was in their best interest to use an individual or group of individuals to help with their narrative. This is very similar to how the Biden administration and all of its deep state actors use different races of color to promote their agenda and to use them to benefit for power and control. They actually could care less that they actually help those individuals. But by using them they are able to continue to keep those races and classes of people down and not able to fight back against them.

This story also shows the issue of allowing a problem to go on for too long and now it is extremely difficult to resolve the issue. If the Billy problem had not been ignored then the Billy problem most likely would have stopped. It’s no different than what we are seeing now in the battle against the radical left. Conservatives have for years allowed the far left to trample all over them and now we have even a greater problem: the threat of communism. The parents tried to be nice and even blamed their own children before trying to get the problem stopped. Conservatives have been too nice and we believed the fake mainstream media even though we should have clearly seen through all of the lies for all of these years.

One more similarity is with our 2020 stolen election. The parents showed video proof that it had been Billy who in reality was the real problem. Sound familiar? There are thousands of affidavits, video proof, statistical anomalies, and other data that shows without a reasonable doubt that the election was stolen. But what do we do when we go to show our evidence, just as the parents did, and our leaders claim that it is false information when the proof is quite evident. Our government is corrupt just as that particular principal and teacher were.

Our Department of Justice is corrupt. Our FBI is corrupt. Our court system is corrupt. So where do we go to get the fair and real outcome that should happen? We need to figure this problem out. And we must do it soon. This is very clear to most people. We can’t count on the Trump card. Donald Trump may have the ace in his hand that conservatives hope and pray that he has. But that card may have been buried to the bottom of the deck during his four years in office.

We all see what these federal officials are doing in Maricopa County, Fulton County, Antrim County and other key battleground state areas. They are fighting tooth and nail to stop the public from seeing all of the evidence. This was supposed to be the most secure election ever correct? Then why don’t they want to be transparent and allow the auditors conduct their audits without hiding passwords, deleting databases, and calling us a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists?

The Arizonian citizens showed much heart in their fight against this corrupt deep state. It may be the first domino to fall. And we will owe it to all of those fellow Americans in that state that literally went door to door to get the 2020 election results looked at properly. Arizona took the lead. Now it is up to the other patriots in the other battle ground states and throughout the nation to stand up and do the same. God Bless America and let the truth be shown to all.

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