Democrats Scandals

Democrats Scandals - Our main stream media "news" have deliberately not shown us many geopolitical events. Have you seen any of these clips?

The purpose of the Deep State Crime Scene pages are to highlight what numerous politicians and also other “elitists” have said in the past. This is them doing these acts. It is undisputable evidence. Deep State Crime Scene was designed as if these videos and articles were to be presented in a court of law. Please show this information to your liberal friends or additionally others who are clueless to what is truly happening.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is booed off the stage at Red Rock in Red Bank – July, 2023

Anna Paulina Luna’s resolution to censure Adam Schiff & fine him 16 million dollars for his Lies – June, 2023

Communists Jamie Raskin & Jen Psaki want Trump to be charged with seditious conspiracy – May, 2023

Insane AOC’s eyes get huge & foams at the mouth as talks about Tucker Carlson leaving Fox

WH Chief of Staff Cries as he says Joe Biden is “The Best Father and Role Model” – February, 2023

Adam Schiff is officially Censured in Congress & the Democrats Freak out – June, 2023

Huge Freudian Slip! Democrat Stacey Plaskett slips up & says that Trump should be Shot! – June, 2023

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot gets a goodbye message from Citizen: “You are a pandemic!” – March, 2023

Kevin McCarthy answers Why isn’t Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee? – January, 2023

Chuck Schumer believes that we handled the First Balloon “Appropriately”

Adam Schiff looks like he is about to Cry after he got Kicked off Intelligence Committee

Jill Biden is Outraged that people think that Joe Biden should take a Mental Competency Test

Rep. Nadler Laughed at after he claimed Jim Jordan is “Doing the Bidding of Donald Trump”

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