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The Greatest Depression Great Reset Breadlines Have Started

In the Own Nothing, Be Happy Video Game, it’s Survival of the Wisest… Or the Craziest. Maybe it’s a good thing they're going after the Stupid, Arrogant, and Gullible and [...]

The Kali Yuga Apocalyptic Financial and Economic Collapse is Here... New and Improved with Zombies!

Burn whole towns alive, lethally inject almost everyone with poison and destroy the economy. They will stop at nothing to continue harvesting kids. And, Janet Yellen confirms the US economy [...]

I Did NAZI That Coming! Entire Canadian Govt Gives Standing Ovation (Twice!) to a Nazi SS Soldier

Mein Kanadian Führer loses his shit on the set of The Actor, The Drama Teacher, And The Old Nazi Game Changers | TCV Ordinals Summit | Anarchapulco Feb [...]

You Are Not Being Censored. You Are Just Being Limited Due to Your Hate Speech of the NWO

The censorship will continue until morale is improved. Or until you start realizing that no one’s right to not be offended overrules your right to free speech. Game Changers | [...]

The United Abominations Agenda 2030 Is Satan Klaus’ Fourth Reich

If you’ve missed it before, let me repeat: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Tango Hotel Echo Victor Alpha X-Ray! And Joe, and Justin, and all the other New Order ambassadors. Game [...]

How to Survive the Orwellian Apocalypse: You Can Run, Hide, Fight or Change

Agenda 2030 is being fast-tracked! They’re even breaking out tiny Mexican alien corpses, butt-ugly hellth trannies, and giant bald doppel-dummies because they know that time is running out before people [...]

Controlled Demolition: From the Federal Reserve to 9/11 to the COVAIDS 19

They’ll keep setting fires, and setting off bombs, and faking pandemics until we submit to their New Order Slavery. Game Changers | TCV Ordinals Summit on September 15 | [...]

It’s A Horrible World: Agenda 2030 Accelerated! Burning Man, Burning Maui

Clearly, “climate change” is shaping the narrative. Clearly, Google is a filter for consciousness. Clearly, Blackrock owns everything. So what do we do about it? Game Changers | TCV [...]

Burning Man Ebola and The Vaxx Street Boys Are Back… Alright!

Ebola, malaria, a “tsunami of mRNA vaccines”. What’s a little human sacrifice among friends? The WHO says vaxx “hesitancy” is one of the Top 10 Global Health Threats. They should [...]

New Scariant For The Proletariat: Make America Scared Again

If you think the new “virus” is scary, wait until you find out what’s really going on! TCV Ordinals Summit on September 15 | Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins [...]

Getting Jacked and Connected To Survive and Prosper During The Apocalypse

You shouldn’t be afraid to say NO to whatever evil the government comes up with… like getting lethally injected, or masked and gagged to avoid death by Virus X. But, [...]

What In The Blue Blazes!?! PedoStalin Laughs About The National Maui ‘Travedy’, But The Joke’s On Yo

PedoJoe says the kids who burned alive in Maui’s fire attack is like that one time when he almost lost his cat, his Corvette, and his wife. Luckily, Maui’s billionaire [...]

X Gonna Give It To Ya! Brought to You By The Master of Creating Reality, Kill Gates!

Get ready for Disease X! Covaids was just the first step to get things like 15-minute camps, digital IDs, and forced vaccinations in place. The next lockdown is coming, and [...]

‘Things We’re Not Supposed To Talk About’ Featuring Fire Bombs And Truth Bombs

Isn’t it hilarious every time a low-level official leaks the truth by accident and the press machine has to cover up both the original sin AND the indecent exposure? Non [...]

Maui Directed Energy Weapon Attack and Guess Who’s Back, Back Again… Leprosy, Covaids AND Covidiots!

Designer plagues and its faithful flock. It’s hard to decide what is more disturbing: The pedophile philanthropists who rule the world, or the petrified pea brains whose religion is predictive [...]

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