Election Scandal

Election Scandal - Our main stream media "news" have deliberately not shown us many geopolitical events. Have you seen any of these clips?

The purpose of the Deep State Crime Scene pages are to highlight what numerous politicians and also other “elitists” have said in the past. This is them doing these acts. It is undisputable evidence. Deep State Crime Scene was designed as if these videos and articles were to be presented in a court of law. Please show this information to your liberal friends or additionally others who are clueless to what is truly happening.

GA SoS Brad Raffensperger challenges President Trump to a debate on 2020 Election results in Georgia – June, 2023

How Barack Obama & Democrats handles Elections

Voter at Maricopa County Board: You are Traitors to the United States Constitution

Remember when Expert Suit Case Ballot Handler Ruby Freeman won the Presidential Citizen’s Medal?

Brunson SCOTUS case could change EVERYTHING later this week! – January, 2023

Push to Decertify the Wisconsin 2020 Election intensifies – 2022

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