Republicans - Our main stream media "news" have deliberately not shown us many geopolitical events. Have you seen any of these clips?

The purpose of the Deep State Crime Scene pages are to highlight what numerous politicians and also other “elitists” have said in the past. This is them doing these acts. It is undisputable evidence. Deep State Crime Scene was designed as if these videos and articles were to be presented in a court of law. Please show this information to your liberal friends or additionally others who are clueless to what is truly happening.

Wow! Newt Gingrich drops HUGE Georgia Indictment Bombshell – August, 2023

What the Heck?! Mitch McConnell completely Freezes up during Press Conference – July, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells the media about the FBI’s document regarding Joe Biden’s Bribery – June, 2023

Rep Nehls on his Eric Swalwell statement in hearing: I said I gotta expose this clown for who he is! – April, 2023

Fang Fang strikes again! Rep. Troy Nehls at hearing calls out Eric Swalwell for having an affair

Glenn Beck pleads for Tucker Carlson to join him on Blaze News

Roseanne Barr goes on F-Bomb Tirade talking about Corporations *WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE – March, 2023

Rep James Comer: “Did Joe Biden violate the Foreign Agents Registrations Act?” – August, 2023

Rep Nehls on Eric Swalwell: “Imagine if somebody would have said, Mr. Swalwell was peeing on Yum Yum – June, 2023

Tucker Carlson’s speech at Heritage Foundation over the weekend before he left Fox News

Ron DeSantis comments about the possible Trump Arrest – March, 2023

Rep. Lauren Boebert has AWESOME response to Democrat Jamie Raskin’ bizarre Rant – March, 2023

Alex Jones is an American Treasure – 2022

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