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Woke Culture - Our main stream media "news" have deliberately not shown us many geopolitical events. Have you seen any of these clips?

The purpose of the Deep State Crime Scene pages are to highlight what numerous politicians and also other “elitists” have said in the past. This is them doing these acts. It is undisputable evidence. Deep State Crime Scene was designed as if these videos and articles were to be presented in a court of law. Please show this information to your liberal friends or additionally others who are clueless to what is truly happening.

K-12 “Educators”: “Porn Literacy is a GREAT Tool” – August, 2023

Sickening! NBC News Promotes LGTBQ “Pride” Camp – August, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom is asked why he supports gender transitioning surgery for children – July, 2023

Kids watch Cartoon Porn in School – June, 2023

Mostly Nude Men whip others during Pride Parade as Innocent Children watch – June, 2023

New York Drag Marchers chant “We’re here, We’re queer, We’re coming for your Children” – June, 2023

“Sister Tootie” gives Blessing at Los Angeles event to Celebrate before raising the LGBTQ Flag – June, 2023

12-year-old’s speech to School Board, was sent home with t-shirt that said there are only 2 genders – April, 2023

Mother exposes Woke Sexual books that she found in Children’s Library – April, 2023

Child reads “Woke” sexual material from book found in the Library. Librarian offered even more!

What kind of Parent would agree to send their Kid to this California LGBTQ Drag Queen Camp? – August, 2023

Bloodied Drag Queen throws Tampons at children at woke event in England – August, 2023

Check out this Weird & Bizarre Pride and Sex Festival!!! – June, 2023

Gay man celebrates Pride March in Minneapolis by Dancing at children in nothing but his underwear – June, 2023

Bud Lite doesn’t learn lesson. Company participates in another Pride event. Go Woke, Go Broke! – June, 2023

Lady with a moustache and a skirt: “Gay people are literally Taking over the National Parks” – June, 2023

Brainwashing continues: Vancouver elementary school kids march in LGBTQ Pride event – June, 2023

Check out this Ridiculous LGBTQ display in Paris – June, 2023

WTF?! European Trannies strip Naked in front of Kids to describe their New Body Parts

AOC hangs out with Drag Queens

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